Cosmic Poem – Part 2

By Terry Plotkin

Every entrance has an exit

The beginning foresees the end

The seeds of fall are planted

When the summer begins

We know how the story ends

More or less


Accept the past

No pride no cringe

Whether pain or joy

Under assault or cruising

No moment is so perfect

That it will last


Life is traumatic

Buddha was right

All things suffer

Face the truth

A little courage

Goes a long way


The world was not made

According to your whims

Anger or depression

Won’t get it done

Youthful ideals aside

Change slogs along


Know your place

In line with others

Cut a little slack

Life is tough

It has a way of

Making you sober







by Terry Plotkin

I don’t believe this universe

Began with an explosion

Everything created out of nothing

Life coming from dust

Consciousness unexplained

Really? Don’t buy it

Circumstantial evidence

Is not enough to trump reason


There has to be another way

Not Heaven Not Hell

No Big Bangs No life from non-life

Not current science Not dogmatic religion.

But Parallel Worlds

Who knows how many

Universe of thought

Ocean of consciousness


World of dreams

World of light

World of pre and post life

World of shadow

World without death

World beyond time

World of a different space

Worlds interfacing with worlds


This makes more sense to me

In my limited perception

Where more is hidden than revealed

Concerning the nature of things



If a credible institution offered you a 15% return on your money, people would form a line around the block to get in on it.
I can picture the commercial now: Double your money in 7 years! Come on in! Hurry while supplies last!  And if you act now, you’ll lessen the chance of having to fight another war over oil! This incredible offer will let you have an impact on stopping global warming! This can all be yours for a small investment in your children’s future. There are no hidden fees and no gimmicks. All guilt free. Think of the smug pleasure you can have when you see your foolish neighbors struggling to pay their high heating and utility bills, slaving away at their second and third jobs, while you lie in the sun making vitamin D and reading a book on a nice summer day. Yes! this can all be yours.
This offer won’t last forever as state and federal tax credits will expire in the next few years. That’s right, if you act now the Government will give you money to pay for this amazing offer! All you have to do is invest in solar panels on your roof and all these savings can be yours. Don’t have southern exposure? Not a problem! Just invest in a producer coop and you can get the same savings and more by owning a few panels in a large array next to your neighbors and friends who will own their panels. Call your local utility company or appropriate town officials to find out how. The time to act is now. This planet may not last forever.
All hype aside, this offer exists. People are sometimes way too slow to see a good investment opportunity even when it hits them in the face. Makes me crazy. Why be so passive in your investments when you can put your money in something that you believe in? You just have to spend a little time looking into it and find out for yourself. I’d rather invest my money this way than watch it grow at .5% in the bank or play roulette in the stock market, never quite knowing my shares are contributing to.  My house does not have southern exposure so solar panels will not work there, but my town is starting a producer coop for those with the interest to invest. I will be able to purchase panels on an empty old industrial piece of land. I am also going to look into heat exchanges to heat and cool my house. All of it done by the sun. Enough with the oil already.  This is a simple technology whose time has come. Check it out. I’m in.

Epic Collision

by Terry Plotkin

People living in a good chunk of the country weren’t the only ones affected by the intense cold and snow; the severe winter that won’t go away is hitting the U.S. economy hard as well. Economists tell us fewer jobs were created than would have been otherwise had it not been for the weather, retail sales took a hit, and overall growth was smaller than anticipated. Housebound people buy less, go to fewer restaurants, and start fewer projects. To make matters worse, some of the money that people often spend on buying things that boost business went instead to increased heating bills. Some towns have had to delay projects that were planned because the money went to plow roads and fix potholes instead. This kind of spending by people and towns comes at the expense of investing in ourselves. We will survive this. Capitalism, with the support of the state, which it maligns so much, has shown itself to be resilient, and the economist will tell you that once the weather settles down growth can continue on its slow but steady pace. But what if the weather does not go back to normal?


The world is not predictable, and nothing shows this more than climate change. No one knows how the heating of the Earth’s upper atmosphere is going to affect us; we just know it will, climate deniers aside. If the scientists are right, the variations in the weather will become more extreme as time goes on. And as it does, so will the pressure increase on many species, humans definitely included. What happened on a relatively small scale this winter could, in the future, turn into a struggle to thrive. The potential resultant suffering will force us to sober up from the many excesses of our time. This may be good for our spiritual growth, but it will wreck havoc on our standard of living. This is not good news for Capitalism, with its mantra of Grow or Die. Perhaps the oil and coal industries are more worried about the short term profit of selling carbon-based products than they are with the health of Main Street. The industries were not built for compassion; they exist to amass wealth – for themselves. But an overall decline in economic activity will hurt all corporations and the people who work for them. In addition, climate change offers the possibility of increased insect-bearing disease and the potential for war as nations fight over dwindling resources. (These wars are already being fought in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya, to name a few). And although all the models will tell you that the world’s population will continue to grow, the opposite could be the case if environmental conditions no longer allow for any increase.


All this does not bode well for the overall health of the world’s economy. Perhaps it is time for corporations and the politicians they control to think beyond the next quarter’s profit and more on their long-term survival. Short-term thinking could trigger a disaster.


Behold! The battle of the century is unfolding before our eyes. The humongous capitalist system of acquisition is butting up against Nature in all its fury. Who do you think will win?