Take him down Part 3

Birdman is organizing in Florida. He has joined the local Democratic party in Tampa. That is great. Florida is the best place to organize. It is a swing state, it is multi-cultural, it is perhaps the best place in the world for alternative energy to take root. There are affinity groups forming here in Western […]

Take him down. Part 2

In talking to my brother today he said he has not been politically active before, but now he thinks that has to change. Below is my response. Although I have not been that active in recent years I have in the past. But the march this week was different. Their were throngs of people their […]

How to take him down. Part 1

  This is my inaugural post after a long hiatus on Inauguration Day.  A day where my brother is sitting shiva. That is what Jewish people do when they are in mourning. I will watch none of the events. I can’t bear it.   We are in trouble. Real trouble. And we have to act […]

Zen poetry – sort of – 1

Running down the forested trail I look up to admire the path ahead Stepping on acorns I look down again.

Insanity makes it case

by Terry Plotkin I read an article by John Bolton, a former Bush adviser who seems to believe that war is the answer to many of our foreign problems. He says that Secretary of State John Kerry is wildly wrong for making an agreement. This from a man who did everything he could to get […]


By Terry Plotkin Pivots   Monumental, life-changing decisions and events occur often with barely any thought going into it.   When I was 5 years old, my parents chose to enroll me in the first grade ahead of schedule, making me the youngest kid in the school. In their haste to get me started, they […]


By Terry Plotkin Some years back I was in a laundry mat and I was talking about karma with a woman who was folding her clothes. When I finished my theory about how it comes to teach us lessons she told me that her niece had been abused at the age of 13. She said […]

Plans – Part 1

By Terry Plotkin   I recently read an article on the BBC web site. Below is an excerpt:  A boat was sinking in the Baltic Sea on September 27, 1994. Many people died. Survival experts were astonished at the high death toll. It appears that many people drowned because they did nothing to save themselves. The […]

A Native American Koan

By Terry Plotkin Nearly 40 year ago I went to Washington D.C. for the final leg of The Longest Walk. This was a Native-American sponsored event. They had walked cross-country to the nation’s capitol to make a statement of their rights, build their movement, and ask for a redress of their grievances. Some hippies, with […]

The Worst Truth Ever

By Terry Plotkin Nature, evolution, cosmic consciousness, technology, progress or something else I can’t put my finger on has brought us to the brink of having to do something that many of us don’t want to do, that is very difficult to do, and that is absolutely necessary that we do: Learn to get along. […]