Strange New World

Multi-tasking is the catchall way to describe how people work and what life has become. It means doing several tasks simultaneously. Moments pass while cell phone calls come, expecting to be answered. (“I mean, you’re right there, why shouldn’t you pick it up”), background noise seeps into any possible quiet space (never understood why some […]

Sitting too much

Sitting too much causes serious health problems including early death and heart attacks, according to a study recently done in Canada. Other studies have linked excessive sitting with leg pains, back pains, prostate irritation (icky) and hip pain. This story brought a big Duh from me. Another boring health study that anyone with minimal deductive […]


All right, I am going to stray into some dangerous areas. First, poor Harry Reid. The besieged Senate leader states a year ago that he thinks America will accept Obama because of his light skin color (for a black man) and that he did not have a Negro dialect. He is now apologizing up, down, […]

Resolutions. Bah, humbug?

New Years resolutions can be painful to listen to. I wonder what percentage of those made this year are still intact even at this early date. Spare me the vow to lose the same old 10 pounds that was fought over last year, workout at the gym, spend time with friends, read books, be more […]

Free the Human

Free the Human. One of my students who helped build this site said he thought the title meant that this site was a video game where the object is to liberate a prisoner. I laughed hard at this, especially since one of my goals for this site is to try to avoid miscommunication and what […]