The most common question people ask when they meet you is ‘What do you do?’ (I’m not counting, ‘How are you?’ as few people take that question seriously, answering ‘I’m fine’ which is the same as exchanging hellos.) The expected answer to what we do is what we do for money. At this point, the […]

The Big Questions

by Terry Plotkin The belief systems about whether there is a God, what that God is like, and how that relates to death are many, and the debate is intense and unsettled, at least in some quarters. I know other people whom there is no debate and nothing to settle. It is a simple matter. […]

Forgiveness, sort of

by Terry Plotkin In Judaism, the religion I was born into, in order to gain forgiveness you have to admit that you have committed a wrong, make amends if you can, and change your ways. That is the essence of Yom Kippur (the day of Atonement). Without that, there is no forgiveness. With it, so […]

Recreation Ethic

I entered college in the 70s as a Leisure Studies and Service major. We were supposed to be trained for the coming age of leisure that was dawning before our eyes.  The workweek was shrinking and it was assumed that that would continue. The big problem us future professionals were about to face was what […]