“Failing schools” is the refrain of the politician, critical of the education that some children receive. The blame is usually laid at the teachers’ feet. The assumption that follows is that if the bad teachers are fired and new teachers brought in, then all will be well in that school: test scores will rise, and […]


I like to get to the edge of the woods with a clean slate.  The emotional drama of life, with all its long stories and how it made me feel, are better left at home. The volume of information that fills up my brain and passes for knowledge is not invited. It seems doubtful that […]


Author Note: If you are enjoying this blog, I would appreciate it if you would put the URL on your Facebook page and elsewhere so more people can get involved. Thanks. Terry Plotkin The recession is deep and unemployment high. The need is self-evident: no jobs, no money. The lucky ones have jobs; those who […]


England and France first defeat, then humiliate, persecute, and blame Germany for WW1.  (I blame the war on greed.) A proud people, the Germans were soon driven to economic desperation and psychological shame. Enter Hitler, who understood how to transform that, and the seeds are planted for WW2. The German payback went to the Jews. […]