Who We Are

I don’t think anyone can make it to middle age without having made a boatload of mistakes, both big and small. I’m sure I haven’t. How each person reacts to their mistakes will differ depending upon their nature, the mistakes made, and the consequences that followed. Some of the possible reactions are: depression, guilt, humility, […]


I learned the concept of over-determination many years ago in a class taught by a neo-Marxist.  The difference between the neo-Marxist and a regular Marxist is this: the Marxist believes that a society is shaped from its economic base. The neo-Marxist believes that society is shaped at its base by three different forces that are […]


When I was in school, relevance was a hot topic. The students demanded to know why it was that we could not wear jeans or pullover shirts to school. Girls could not wear pants at all. We demanded to know the point of the dress code. To my surprise, the argument won the day and […]


“The hardest part of life is choosing.”  I nodded my head when I read that quote. I used to stress as a young adult about making decisions. I couldn’t help it. I believed the choices made would ultimately change the course of my life. I was aware that whichever way I went it would take […]