“Man plans, God laughs,” so goes the old Yiddish proverb. “Life is what happens to you while you are busy making plans,” said John Lennon. I run the sports program at my school. When forced to give a job description, the first thing I offer is ‘Other’.  Other, of all stripes, changes the best and […]


A big discovery was made recently where synthetic DNA made in the laboratory controlled a living cell. Sounds like a good thing if we can make cells do what we want. Good as long as they are made to help the race with its problems instead of being used to create new ones. (The same […]

Live Well

President Morales of Bolivia, the first indigenous leader ever elected, hosted a summit on climate change. At the conference he said that human beings have to learn to live well as opposed to the common accepted expectation that we have to live better. When he says better he means having more and consuming more. The […]


A study was done in Australia that found mothers that work part-time for a wage had healthier babies than mothers that worked full time or those that stayed at home. The study looked at 2500 kids ages 4-7 and found that children of mothers that worked part-time were less likely to be overweight, watched less […]

The Good Life

My woman friend and I made a road trip to visit people we like, but seldom see. First stop, Manhattan. My nephew is young and successful. Very successful. He is a hedge fund manager, and is good at it. He lives in a spacious (by N.Y.C. standards) apartment, 2 blocks from Central Park. He works […]