Nature is not good or bad. It cares nothing about morality or fairness. It punishes weakness and ignorance. It has no sense of sentimentality whatsoever. It gives its rewards to those who unearth its secrets, who learn the laws and cooperates with them. Luck is its wild card, played any time or place. Nature’s beauty is […]


You can join S.P.O.R.N. if you want. The Society for the Prevention of Refrigerator Noise is open to everyone. There are no dues, blessedly no meetings, and you can use the organization’s name to back you up anytime any mechanical noise is bothering you, and you want to complain.  S.P.O.R.N. does not discriminate on the […]


My neighbor’s cat died recently at the age of 6, quite suddenly and for seemingly no reason. He was well cared for and, if anything, over-protected. The owner is understandably upset and feels outrage at the lack of fairness. But who is it to say what that cat’s life was about and when was the […]


Humans like straight lines, nature prefers curves or, perhaps better said, irregular. Our buildings are straight, our graphs mostly straight, our view of history is linear. We think of growth as progressing along at a steady pace a little bit at a time. I used to measure my daughter’s height when she was young. She […]