I know you need rules to function in a game, a sport, driving a car, running an organization, life. I just don’t like following them when they make no sense. I don’t like stopping at red lights when there is no car in sight. We are supposed to sit there and wait until the light […]


I know people who are looking for work. Several are smart, able teenagers, fresh out of school, who want to get going with their lives.  Some are carpenters with master skills. Some are teachers. What right, and what sense does it make, for society to say we don’t want their skills, as if they have […]

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Dear Readers, I post every Sunday, but this week I will bring in a new post on Monday instead. (camping this weekend – hee-haa)


I have seen enough of movies where good guys fight the bad guys with the good guys winning in the end. It is the oldest film cliché I know of, and it bores me. The funny thing is, most everyone identifies with the good guy, roots for him, watches him win, and then feels good […]


A friend of mine suffers from mental illness. At his worst, he hears voices and thinks there are Nazis around the corner trying to get him. In recent years he has his disease under control with the help of a drug, even though it did not fully quiet the voices. I asked him why he […]


The Western world is materialistic. It values rationality and intellectual achievement. Yoga and Buddhism are about transcendence of the individual to a higher level of consciousness. The spiritual path that has had some success in India will not work here. We are too different. Any spiritual path that does not take into account the culture […]