People are raising bees and chickens in record numbers. Vegetable gardens have increased an astounding 26% in two years.  These people are not farmers. They have other jobs and a little land. Everything is done on a small scale. Eggs are sold in the neighborhood (that is where I get mine). Other people shop at […]


This week Free the Human is offering a guest post. If you are interested to submit a post send it to me via the contacts link or just write to say hello.  Also, I invite you to add comments. I am happy to report that seven months into this blog the numbers are increasing weekly. […]

Time Passages

I was recently in Raingely, Maine, which is a small town surrounded by mountains and a huge lake. I saw a picture of an Inn that existed there about 100 years ago. It was huge, dwarfing any building that is in the town today. The dining room served 350. It was a fancy place for […]


I started a list of things I had to do over thirty years ago. In the first few naïve years I kept expecting to get to the point where everything was crossed off the list and accomplished and there would be nothing to do. Then I would be free like a kid in playing in […]