Comfort at all costs. This ought to be the motto of civilized society. For instance, air conditioning is often considered a must, even though it is akin to a cool prison. Step out of the confines of the room on even a moderately hot day, and you are blasted with a level of heat that […]


My friend recently went to her 30th high school reunion. She danced with a guy who was shy and awkward in high school. My friend was glad she had the courage to ask him to dance, because in high school she would not have felt comfortable doing it. The guy thanked her, and said if […]


My friend went to an amusement park and reported that there was no quiet to be found there. She was not just talking about screaming children on a rollercoaster. She was talking about the speakers put into the seats, so that while you are waiting for your ride, there are commercials playing, guitar riffs ripping, […]


By Terry Plotkin I try to follow these precepts. I don’t always succeed, but I rely on them, at times, when situations arise. I invite you to offer your own in the comments section. 1.  When in doubt take the high ground. 2.  Start confrontations with a question. This gives the opportunity for the person […]


I recently had breakfast with three couples from Quebec who were staying at the same home that my friend and I were. They were speaking French and my friend was translating for me, as we talked of the differences between Quebec and the United States (they liked our roads, we liked that they sat out […]