Adults, in this country, sleep 7 hours a night on average; in 1960 they averaged 8 1/2 of this precious, restorative time. People work more hours at their jobs now than they did then, and that was before women entered the work force en masse, leaving all the household chores to do when the wage-work […]

Earn It

“Earn it.” These are the Captain’s (Tom Hanks) dying words to Private Ryan (Matt Damon), whom he sacrificed his life for in the WW2 movie, Saving Private Ryan. At the end of the movie, Ryan, as an old man, visits the gravesite of his comrade, who died in Normandy in the first days of the […]


Once a civilization reaches a level of economic security where everyone should be able to have enough, there is psychological room and time for reform to take place. So when our nation takes on women’s rights, civil rights, voting rights, and ending environmental degradation as just causes, it speaks well of us, however ugly the […]


Never has a person acting alone saved humanity from destruction; that is the stuff of B movies, but has little to do with reality.  There are no heroes who have brought salvation to a grateful race, nor has any person, acting alone, been the engine of fundamental change. It is the masses of people, faceless […]