I was born in December, 1954, on a day when my hometown main street burnt to the ground. Other historical highlights on that date include: Sitting Bull dying in battle, the Nazi, Adolf Eichman, being condemned to death in the only such sentence ever handed down by an Israeli court, and the Bill of Rights […]


How many times must our hopes be dashed as we watch governments on the world stage fail to come to agreement[s] to meet the needs of the people? Pick any issue: Global warming, poverty, overpopulation, ocean pollution, species extinction, militarism, deforestation, debt, arms control. Little is agreed to, less is pledged; still less is actually […]


A man I know recently built a small retail-shopping plaza and has rented out all the spots.  He now makes enough money on the venture to pay his mortgage. I asked him if he had trouble sleeping nights in the beginning, worrying about whether he could make a go of it. He said the trouble […]


The excess of Americans is well documented. We spend too much, thus live in debt, we eat too much, thus many are overweight, we work too much, thus sleep one and a half hours on average less than we did fifty years ago. We sit too much, watch too much television, drink too much alcohol, […]