A study was done some years back by a psychologist in Canada. He built a Rat Park: a huge expanse (by rat standards) of all manner of things to make a rat happy. Before these 20 lucky rats were released into their version of Disneyland, they were given morphine in their water for 57 days […]


There is a common belief that there are four seasons in the northern climate that is New England, but really there are more. Within each season, as it progresses, there are subtle differences; winter is no exception. In most winters, a time arrives that is about survival. It starts right before the winter solstice, when […]


Warren Buffet is in the process of giving away most of his vast fortune. I am glad he is doing this and setting an example. (If the rich keep all the wealth that has accumulated to them, instead of recycling it back, then it will be the ruination of society). When asked about his giving, […]


by Terry Plotkin Contradictions There is a man, living in a neighboring town, who has fallen upon hard times. He lost his job over a year ago and has done little to find another one. He has not been able to pay his mortgage and recently lost his home to foreclosure. He has collected unemployment […]


I don’t believe much in prophecy any more. When it comes to accuracy, it has a poor track record. I am not waiting for the messiah to come, and I don’t think he was already here. The harmonic convergence was neither.  If the gift of seeing the future exists at all, I do not have […]