(I am posting 2 days early this week as I will be out of town on Sunday. Terry Plotkin) I was told about a woman who is unhappy, even though the picture from the outside looking in showed the good life. She has a nice family with two kids, a husband, plenty of money, owns […]


“If we do not hang together, we shall surely hang separately.”  Thomas Paine asserted this to those that stood against Britain and King George preceding the Revolutionary War. These rebels for democracy were serious people who were ready to do whatever it took to throw off their colonial status when they pledged in the Declaration […]


I have been blessed with a healthy and sturdy body. I can still play team sports, even though I am in my mid-fifties. I can’t remember the last time I was sick. The only place where this happy picture breaks down is inside my mouth. My teeth are a mess. It started when I was […]


I coach high school athletes in the sport of ultimate (Frisbee). When a player drops the disc, the team must move quickly from offense to defense, as the other team picks up the disc and is ready to cash in on the mistake with a goal. The play is non-stop until one team scores. Sometimes, […]