“Every snowflake in an avalanche pleads not guilty,” goes the saying. This was basically what the Nazi, Adolph Eichmann, used as his defense when accused by an Israeli court of planning and executing mass murder against the Jews. ‘Why blame me,’ he asserted, ‘I was just following orders.’ It didn’t save his skin; he was […]


By Terry Plotkin It is not unusual for lesbians (but not yet gay men) to be out with who they are to the point where holding hands, or even kissing, on the street has become somewhat commonplace in my not-so-liberal town. The days of hiding are ending. The youth don’t think twice about it. They […]


Our economy bases its success less on what we produce than on the level of consumption we attain. More is better; health and the environment can be sacrificed. Manipulated by advertising, this paradigm is so pervasive that it inundates our thinking. It is a contradiction to hear politicians speak of creating more jobs, while every […]


I had a paper route when I was 11-years old. Each day I would deliver the papers and each day it seemed like every dog on my route would wait for my arrival. Upon seeing me, they would charge up to me and bark their heads off;  sometimes they would even show their teeth. (These […]