There is a term used in the sport of ultimate (Frisbee) when a player makes a spectacular, sprawling lay-out dive for a disc and gets it. Then, the same player quickly stands, all fired up and full of himself, and proceeds to go for a very difficult throw that is subsequently not caught and thus […]


by Terry Plotkin A long time ago, back in high school, my Algebra teacher sent me to the board to work on a problem that we were all struggling to solve. I remember the incident well, because I could not figure out what the teacher was trying to guide me to do and wanted to […]


A study was done to find out what made for the best teachers. One of the main things they discovered was an attitude of never giving up. These teachers possess the tenacity to keep on working at the task at hand. They apply all the creativity possible to find a way to get to their […]


“To and fro the trees still bend, wondering what the host will send. We will go right down to the sea, bathing in light we will be free to wander.” This poetry comes from an old, and not well-known, Fleetwood Mac album called Future Games. It is a beautiful album; every song tugs at your […]