I learned in economics class that a dollar is really worth way more than a dollar. This is how it works: You spend a dollar buying lemonade from a kid in your neighborhood. The kid takes the dollar and puts 20 cents in her piggy bank and spends the rest on candy. The candy store […]


“Man plans, God laughs,” goes the old Yiddish proverb. “Life is what happens to you while you are busy making plans,” said John Lennon. I run the sports program at my school. When forced to give a job description, the first thing I offer is ‘Other’.  Other, often coming out of nowhere, changes the plan […]

Big Shots

A family I know is celebrating the Bat Mitzvah of their daughter. The girl is 13 and is coming of age as a Jewish woman. This is a big deal for those who take the religion seriously. It not only means that you can demonstrate what you have learned about Judaism and the Bible, but […]


For various reasons, the plight of a mortal isn’t pretty. Perhaps the most difficult issue is the lack of a roadmap. Not only is there no clear pointer of which way to go, but the beginning point, birth, emerges from a place none of us understands, and the end point, death, is a leap into […]


I know of someone who has made it his calling in life to sue people.  He does not discriminate: contractors, merchants, cousins, siblings, even his dying father have all been fair game. He hires lawyers to do his dirty work, and when they don’t win the frivolous cases he refuses to pay them. Here is […]