by  Terry Plotkin I am not good at remembering names, and I am not that great at remembering faces either. The following is a true story to illustrate the problem. One summer afternoon I was walking down the main street of my town with my daughter who was about 10 at the time. We passed […]


by Terry Plotkin As a young man, I attempted to figure out what this world was about and how to interact with it. Even when I was not seeking any information, words seemed to seek me out. They planted in my brain like fertile seedlings that somehow never die even if you do not water […]


I played in a basketball league some years back, and a player on another team, whom I had never spoken to, said to me as he was passing the ball in, “You are a fool, and everyone here knows it.”  It was a strange and mean thing to say and that is why I remember […]


I know someone who is looking to buy a home. She has enough money to buy one without a mortgage, but she insists that it must be “a good deal”. It must be near town, but also near the woods, not expensive, but in very good shape. At present, she is living in a small […]