by Terry Plotkin An older man I once knew would ask me every day he saw me, “What did you do today to justify your existence?” He would say it with a smile, but he meant it. I have not seen him in 25 years, and he has long since passed on, but his question […]


by Terry Plotkin Of all the sports I have played, tennis is the one that is hardest for me to keep my focus. There is something about the stoppage of play, waiting for the serve, importance of getting your feet set, your racket back, awareness of your opponent, selecting the right spin, knowing what is […]


There is a man I used to play pick-up basketball with years ago. One night, he was playing on the other team and scoring a lot of points. I pulled my team together for a quick huddle and suggested that every time he got the ball, whoever was near would put a double team on […]


by Terry Plotkin I am like one of the village people who know no longer reacts when the boy cries wolf.  The boy crying wolf today is the weatherman on television. A hurricane is coming up the coast and some sensible precautions are being made. There is enough potential drama from an event like this […]