What To Do

by Terry Plotkin A friend of a friend is teaching English literacy to a Christian, Korean pastor who preaches in this town. The tutor does not have much interest in religion, but they have lively discussions about the subject. The tutor says to the pastor, “If you believe the world is only 5700 years old, […]


Recently, I got pulled into a vortex on the athletic field that I should have known better than to get sucked into. It is sobering how someone else’s bad behavior can bring it out in one’s self. I, and the other party, at least had the good sense to pull back from anger. We apologized […]


by Terry Plotkin I know someone who was successful in the commercial real estate business. He told me one of his secrets to getting the deals he wanted: “The seller has to know that you want it, but not too much. If you want it too much then the seller will sense it and you […]


by Terry Plotkin I’m backing out of a driveway on the first day of our vacation. I wave goodbye to friends whom we stayed with, and, choosing the easy way, don’t turn my neck around. Instead, I look forward, and the side mirror and follow the contours of the driveway. I am still looking at […]


by Terry Plotkin I spent a week washing, scraping, and taping my hallway and porch getting ready to paint. The job came out reasonably well, and after one coat most of it was covered. I was thinking I could skip the second coat and just do some touchup. My neighbor came by to check out […]