by Terry Plotkin The political leaders of the world are going through their annual meetings, amid tight security, dealing with the crisis du jour that is threatening our way of life. This year it is debt that dominates their attention. Fingers will be stuck in the holes in the dikes, band-aids will be offered where […]


by Terry Plotkin If, as has been said, “patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel,” then religion would have to be his cloak. Consider what happened recently in the Republican – controlled House of Representatives. They spent the people’s time debating and voting on a resolution that reiterated In God We Trust is our […]


by  Terry Plotkin George Harrison said that he was lucky he became rich as a young man. Because of this he learned early on that money wasn’t the thing. He went on to point out that many people who never get wealthy spend their lives wanting something that will not bring them happiness, even if […]


by  Terry Plotkin Sometimes things are going to go badly, so badly that they can’t be sugarcoated: There is no silver lining, nothing positive to be said, nothing to make you feel good.  Little things can stick with you. I watched as the Red Sox baseball team, which, on paper is the best team in […]