Maintenance – part 4

One of my students drew a picture that needed no words to illustrate the point I’m making.  When I admired the drawing, the student gave it to me.  It’s right by my computer so that I see it when I write.  This is what it shows: A strong man, wearing ripped shorts.  A pair of […]

A nice time to be alive

A short post in between my weekly post: Jean Luc Piccard, captain of the Enterprise, is talking with a woman alive on Earth in the year 2064 after WW3. Piccard says to her in response to a question: “The economics of the future are different. In the 24th century the acquisition of wealth is no […]

A post of Maintenance gone mad.

The post below this one is the continuation of my chapter on Maintenance from my book, The Love Diet. But here is a very short true story about the subject. There was a young woman who was developmentally delayed. (In the old days the same person would have been called mentally retarded, but then that […]

Maintenance: Part 3

by Terry Plotkin The biggest price we are asked to pay is the time devoted to our jobs. In this land, the great and powerful USA, land of prosperity, of opportunity, of dreams, we have a new claim to being Number One in the developed world: the length of the workweek.  We had to pass […]

Maintenance, Part 2

This is the second in my series on maintenance, which is from my book The Love Diet. By Terry Plotkin. Back to the beginning.  Most of us find out at a young age that we are not the center of the universe.   Perhaps that is the bitterness behind the terrible twos.  Those who somehow did […]

Maintenance (Part 1)

I have been writing posts for 2 years. Time to mix it up. For the next several weeks I am going to reprint a chapter from my book, The Love Diet.  (You can purchase the book from this web site if you want.) In addition, I will start to post on events I see in […]