Maintenance – the final installment

Creating time to cook is money in the bank. Restaurants mark up the food they serve some three to seven times what it costs to make your own meals––and that’s not counting the cost of gas it takes to drive to a restaurant.  In my vegetable garden, I grow all kinds of organic food.  In […]

Maintenance – part 8

A major concern of the millions of Americans who cannot afford health insurance is the fear of falling ill.  In 2008, Ralph Nader quoted this statistic: 18,000 Americans died annually because they didn’t have health insurance.  It is a national shame that people must struggle for something that is a right in every developed country […]

Maintenance – part 7

A robber runs up to a man, points a gun at him, and says,  “Your money or your life!” The man doesn’t reply. “Well?” the robber shouts, clearly agitated. “I’m thinking,” is the reply. Thoreau’s classic, Walden was published in 1854 and continues to inspire readers with its eloquence and simplicity.  Thoreau lived simply in […]

Name the Title contest!

I am going to come out with my third book soon. (The other two are available and you can order them by clicking on them located to the left of this post) The new book will be a short essays many of  which you may have read on this blog over the past 2 years. […]

Maintenance – Part 6

by Terry Plotkin It is not uncommon for our blood sugar to dip around three in the afternoon. This is especially true if we’ve not had time to eat right when we were hungry.  Sugary foods and caffeinated beverages that we may use to get going in the morning, jumpstart our systems and raise our […]

Maintenance – Part 5

by  Terry  Plotkin If we live in the suburbs and/or work at a distance from our jobs, which is the norm, given the way we’ve established our communities, a commute to work might take 30 minutes or more.  Five days a week, 50 weeks a year, that’s 250 hours per year just traveling to and […]