I have a friend who has been divorced for a long time. His ex-wife left him and broke up the family to go with another man. He has remained on good terms with her, and I have never heard him speak ill of his ex. I assumed he had forgiven her, but he informed […]


I don’t like to wait for things. It makes me irritable, like how I feel when I spend too much time (more than 3 minutes) in a strip mall. Killing time is high on my list of sins. I can remember back in the bad old days staring out the schoolroom window with longing eyes […]


  Human energy is not as limited as we might think. We are not given a finite amount of vitality each day and when it is spent that’s it.  We pass energy around to each other; whether we know it or not. Watch what happens to an athlete when the fans get excited. Watch a […]


by Terry Plotkin       The winter’s warmth and dryness gave us motivation to go to Cape Cod in February for a few days. The beaches were windy and deserted, but walking them was exhilarating. Riding bike trails brought us by a few strange acting people, through quaint towns, past a nuclear power plant, […]