War, The Revolution – Part 4

by Terry Plotkin   Independence day is upon us, so it seems right to offer up this essay about the founding of this country.   We have traveled back into history in our 4 part series of wars that America has fought. We now arrive at the seminal moment: The Revolutionary War. (I am skipping […]

The Civil War. (Part 3 of my series on War.)

by Terry Plotkin   I am going to speculate on what might have been if Lincoln had chosen a different course when the South seceded from the Union. What would have happened if the South were let go? No war, no animosity, just a peaceful divorce. Split the possessions; there weren’t even any children to […]

Wars of the World (1 and 2) – Part 2 of series.

by Terry Plotkin Recently, I looked at the last 60 years of wars that the U.S.A. has engaged in and found little reason to have fought any of them.  Now let’s retreat backwards further back in to history. I have heard it said that WW2 was the last “Good War” because Hitler was so bad. […]


Dear Reader, I interrupt my series on Wars to write of something that happened this week. By Terry Plotkin. I had to make a decision the other day about an opportunity that presented itself. I could not decide what to do, but my friend gave me some good advice. He said, “Whatever you decide, make […]

Unnecessary Wars

Unnecessary War. This is not a pacifist treatise. There are times when fighting becomes inevitable. Some people, some countries just spoil for a fight and they won’t take no for an answer. The United States has been in lots of wars that have caused untold suffering. But did they have to be fought? We’ll start […]