Where did all the money go?

  A global super-rich elite has at least $21 trillion stashed away in foreign bank accounts.  That’s a TRILLION. This money is hidden in secret tax havens according to a major study. The 21 trillion is a conservative estimate; it could be as high as 32 trillion. It makes no difference to our minds, as […]


by Terry Plotkin One would think that a politician would be skilled at communicating to the voters, yet I watch time and again as they fail to be effective. The latest incident came from the mouth of Nancy Pelosi, the leader of the Democrats in the House of Representatives. She was describing the new health […]


by Terry Plotkin A man in my town, a few years younger than me, makes a solid middle-class living. His wife works full time as well. I mentioned in passing how I planned to retire when I am 62, 5 years from now. I had done the calculations and know I can make it, barring […]

Let It Go

by Terry Plotkin I don’t see what choice we have to accepting what comes at us in life. I’m not talking about choice as in what you eat for dinner, but the kind of situation where you can’t control the outcome. I watch a friend fall victim to bad decisions in his relationship, and observe […]