Hathor On Mars – Part 2

We continue now with the first chapter from my book, Hathor On Mars, which can be purchased from this web site. By Terry Plotkin   “Jeremy, will you put that letter away.  I’ve got enough to think about without having your sentimental attitude peering over my shoulder,” Major Williams forceful words were spoken without looking […]

Hathor on Mars

I wrote a science fiction book about Mars some years back. (You can order it from this web site if you want.) Recently, NASA landed an unmanned ship on MArs and it is exploring the surface. So I thought it would be a good time to include some excerpts. Below is how the book starts.: […]


by Terry Plotkin My town had a woman wrestler who went to the Olympics. She has been in Colorado for 5 years training for this event. She has a big family, who all wanted to go, but, being immigrants, they do not have much money. Friends ran fundraisers for them and were successful so that […]

Going Forward

I was contemplating going to my high school reunion and contacted an old friend who I have not seen in over 30 years. He was not much interested in going, and then wrote, “Who were we then anyway?” My answer? “I don’t know, but the boy that I was running around in his back-yard, going […]