3 Questions

Three Questions. Massachusetts, where I live, has 3 questions on the ballot. The first one is to allow non-dealer car repair shops to have the same diagnostic equipment to fix cars as dealers do. If you believe in capitalism, at least on a small scale, and a level playing field, than this is a no […]

Hathor on Mars – Ch. 3

I am soon going to start posting more often with commentary on events both worldly and within my little world on the subject of human liberation. Today I bring you Chapter 3 of my novel Hathor on Mars. This book can be purchased on the left side of this blog. Enjoy. Terry Plotkin “Li Qwon, […]

Hathor on Mars – finishing CH. 2

Leona, Jeremy’s wife, was wrapped in a blanket curled up on the living room chair. Her eyes closed for a moment’s rest.  Jeena, her fourteen-year-old daughter, insisted on sleeping on the couch next to her.  Leona had covered her with a blanket and had brought in her pillow from off her bed. Her mind remained […]

Hathor on Mars: Chapter 2 begins

CH. 2     Belmont’s long, slim body slumped in his oversized chair as he watched another replay of the disaster in space. The event was televised by Uni-Vision, a Network owned primarily by him.  With the commentators speaking in somber tones as a background, he observed how in the course of the briefest of […]

Hathor on Mars. -Part 3

  He gathered himself, I can do this, he said to himself for courage. He strapped himself into the pilot’s seat.  The computer calculated his position in relation to the landing site. He had never flown anything but a simulator in his life, and here he was attempting something no one had ever done; land […]