Questions at the Debate Never Asked

  Four debates, six hours and there was not a mention either by the candidates or the moderators of issues that really matter. If I were the moderator, here is what I would have asked: 1. We just had the warmest and driest summer in our history. The planet temperature is at an all-time high, […]


by Terry Plotkin   S.P.U.N. (Society for the Prevention of Unnecessary Noise) members exchange e-mails.   If the boys have the big, noisy toys, they feel compelled to use them.   In fact, if you take the time to read the Bill of Rights, check out the Second and a Half Amendment, the Right to […]

The Frost

Last night was the first frost of the fall. If you are an insect or a plant you might call it the Annual Great Holocaust, as they are wiped out by the million overnight. I get up the next morning, the sun is shining bright, and a new day beckons sans many life forms there […]

Interest Rates

by Terry Plotkin   Here is my prescription for getting the economy moving, and you not even need an obstructionist Republican congress to approve it. The Federal Reserve sets interest rates for the banks that they loan money. Right now that interest rate is very close to zero. Why not have the Fed offer the […]

More on Births

Authors note: I am publishing more  (or, occasionally, perhaps less) often than my once a week format than I have been doing for the last almost 3 years. The posts will vary in length. Terry Plotkin Yesterday, I posted my opinion on why I think the birth rates are down in this country, disagreeing with […]


Births are down in this country. The pundits say it is because of the bad economy, but I think the reasons are more cultural. (Pundits are people who do not anticipate events, and then explain to you afterwards the reason they occurred. Most often their insights are nonsense.) Teenage pregnancies are down. They are more […]