Real Issues: – Nuclear Power’s Big Bad Brother

by Terry Plotkin Nuclear power companies and their host governments have no idea what to do with the waste from these plants. This is a big problem, but it doesn’t even come close to the issue of Nuclear Weapons. These weapons, and what it portends for the future of the race, were completely ignored in […]

Real issues: Part 1

by Terry Plotkin   Hint: Real issues have nothing to do with Benghazi, Patreaus, extra-marital affairs, fiscal cliffs, or Washington polarization. I sometimes wonder what is the point of watching the news if they are not going to talk about important things. Gossip bores me; distraction is dangerous, fear mongering is disgraceful; avoidance is a […]

The Cliff

by Terry Plotkin I hate the term Fiscal Cliff. I would like to strike it form the vernacular. It is stupid and meaningless. The pundits say it several times an hour, or at least I think they do, but when I hear it said the first thing I do is stop listening. I was hiking […]


Democracy Election day 2012. It was not a good day for billionaires. They not only lost; they were disemboweled. A billion dollars is what they gave to Karl Rove to spend on smearing candidates and obscuring the truth to influence people to vote against their own interest. Rove had an 0 for everything night. Romney […]

Workers of the World – Ununite!

by Terry Plotkin Here is my answer to the conundrum of the red and blue states not seeing eye to eye on how to take the country forward: Give it up. If we in the United States don’t get along so well by regions (we don’t) then we could get smaller, simpler, and un-unite.  If […]