One More Thing

I just want to say, you know, that at the end of the day, when it comes right down to it, the fact of the matter is you leave it all on the field. You know, so that at the end of the day when you go to bed, the fact of the matter is […]

More Real Issues

by Terry Plotkin This is another in my series about what wasn’t talked about during the election season (That lasted 2 years!). You know, the kinds of things that actually matter to the health of the people both living and those yet to be born, and the planet they will inhabit.   Americans, who are […]

The Life and Times of Henry Cohen

by Terry Plotkin There was a schism in my family 43 years ago that never healed. The argument, looking back these many years, seems trivial and not even worth detailing, but the personalities involved made it mushroom into a full-fledged feud. A big extended family was divided in a short time into two blocks. On […]

Real Issues – Sperm Decline

by Terry Plotkin You may have missed an interesting and alarming study that was just published, as it got very little press. This is not surprising when the news is focused on the utterances of Speaker Boehner and his opinion on how we have to help billionaires keep their wealth so they can employ us […]

Real Issues – Decline

by Terry Plotkin   Here is a subject that our leaders will not utter a peep about: The Empire – The American Empire – is in decline. The signs are everywhere: Glorifying Militarism existing within a state of perpetual war; a strong-armed Federal Government that is eroding our civil rights; a declining standard of living […]