More Real Issues: Democracy

by  Terry Plotkin   Another topic that got scant attention during the election ‘season’ we just finished was democracy.  Is it not strange that democracy should be an issue in an election?  The reason is because trying to rig an election violates the Constitution. The Republican Party has been doing that and has turned it […]

The Invisible Elephant

by Terry Plotkin MLK Day is as good as time as any to talk about guns. After a decade long hiatus, guns have made it into the national debate. Right away the factions separate on the issue: Is it the guns causing the problem or the people shooting them or both? I say the issue […]

Real Issues: Civility

by Terry Plotkin   With all the important issues that I have blogged about recently that never makes the national political agenda, you might wonder why something so mundane as how we speak about issues and each other would be a major topic. For sure, I would rather have solutions to Nuclear Waste, Climate Change, […]


  This is another in my series about what wasn’t talked about during the election season (That lasted 2 years!). You know, the kinds of things that actually matter to the health of the people both living and those yet to be born, and the planet they will inhabit.   Americans, who are 5% of […]