by Terry Plotkin I am a mediocre, late-to-the-sport, middle-aged skier who likes nothing less than to be at the top of a trail looking down at a slope that I don’t know how to navigate. My first response is the uh-ohh  – oh-nooo syndrome which leads to paralysis, followed by the instant loss of what […]

Fear and Survival

by Terry Plotkin   In many people’s imagination we live on the cusp of apocalyptic times. Some people are storing food, some people are waiting for the Rapture, some people are arming themselves with assault rifles, and any other weapon they can lay their hands on. They might be right. Armageddon, in one form or […]

Thought Prisons

by Terry Plotkin The religious mind, the ideological mind, and the scientific mind can all suffer from their own kind of dogma. Nothing seems to shake them out of their belief; a belief that they call fact. For instance, take the religious mind of the fundamentalist. The Bible must remain the unalterable final word of […]

The Oldest Constitution

by Terry Plotkin Six hundred years ago Hiawatha and Deganawidah, leaders of the Iroquois federation, helped create the Great Law of Peace. It was the first known constitution the world had ever seen. The reason that law and peace are mentioned together is that the 2 were believed inseparable. The name given to the document […]