Generations – The Future – Part 4

by Terry Plotkin This post is about the future outlook for the children just being born. I have to admit that my track record of prognosticating has not been very good. I did not anticipate what happened to the baby boomers. Hippie Heaven never happened. The millennial generation has brought in technology and inventions that […]

Generations – Part 3

by Terry Plotkin Generations – Part 3   The idealism of the baby boomers, their dreams of creating paradise on Earth, came in for a crash landing in 1980. That was the year Ronald Reagan got elected to power and so-called Conservatism (a more accurate phrase would be Corporatism) ascended. Not coincidentally, that was the […]

Generations: Part 2

by Terry Plotkin The generation called baby boomers, a group to which I belong, doesn’t say much of anything except that there were a lot of us. The children born after WW2 came in an unusual period of history when America was on top of the world, the empire was at its peak with no […]

Generations – Part 1

by Terry Plotkin Generations–Part 1.   Long after the great depression of the 1930s ended, after WW2 was fought, then Korea, the highway system was built, make believe communists were black-balled, the Kennedys were killed, M.L. King too, Vietnam was invaded, long after Nixon came and went, a broadcaster decided to write a book and […]


by Terry Plotkin In many people’s imagination we live on the cusp of apocalyptic times. Some people are storing food, some people are waiting for the Rapture, some people are arming themselves with assault rifles, and any other weapon they can lay their hands on. They might be right. Armageddon, in one form or another, […]