Sexual Matters.

by Terry Plotkin There is a revolution of sorts going on concerning people’s sexuality. The struggle is often played out in the right of gay people to get married, but the issues go deeper than that, right to the depths of our being. What is being asserted is that being a gay man or a […]

Cease Fire

by ¬†Terry Plotkin Cease Fire   Patriots Day in Boston is one of the nicest days of the year. It is a holiday unique to this part of the world. This is where, in 1776, the Revolutionary War began. Paul Revere rode through the streets at night warning the British were coming, and the call […]

Compassion – sort of.

By Terry Plotkin I have read two of the Dalai Lama’s books. I even went to see him once. He always talks about having compassion for our fellow beings. Now it is not hard to have compassion in certain situations: a person with cancer, an injured pedestrian laying on the road, a crying baby, a […]