The Mexican – American War – Part 2

by Terry Plotkin     Colonel Hardin, a prominent Illinois politician was a big proponent of the war, the first to enlist, and a believer in manifest destiny. But as the war dragged on he came to think that Mexico was not worth conquering. He thought the Mexican people would make lousy Americans, and would […]

The Mexican American War – Part 1.

by Terry Plotkin History never really repeats itself, but it has threads that run through it, and can offer insight to the present, and to human behavior and thinking.  Thus the subject of the Mexican-American War fought between 1846 and 1848 has real relevance to how our country developed, and how it acts to this […]


by Terry Plotkin “The times they are a changing“. So sang Bob Dylan back in the 1960s. If you think that is not true, then think what would have been the response to Jason Collins, the 7 foot tall African-American professional basketball player who recently came out as gay, if he had done it when […]


by Terry Plotkin   Elections in the Land of the Free: They are not what you were taught in school.   I don’t use words like treason and conspiracy lightly. They are loaded, like calling someone a Hitler or a fascist. If you overuse these terms they become meaningless and diminish your argument.  But a […]