Pull your hair out

by Terry Plotkin It is time to turn the sports cliche on its head and declare that defeat has been snatched from the jaws of victory. ¬†Take Harnandez, the 23 year old tight end who was just released by he Patriots. He has taken a promising career, a 40 million dollar contract, a wife and […]

A Mature Man

by Terry Plotkin A Mature Man:   Many a man talks about sports, politics, investments, and cars. He may think about sex often, he can build things, fix things, hunt animals, play on a team, fight, and listen to gangster rap in his hot car with the base so loud that the road shakes, he […]

Long Live Pope Francis

by Terry Plotkin The Catholic Church has gotten a lot of bad publicity with its various scandals and it deserves it. I have never liked the church because I have read too much history, don’t like hypocrisy, and resent the arrogance of an organization that believes it controls the key to Heaven. Keeping people in […]

Mexican-American War – Part 3

by Terry Plotkin     The anti-war movement of 1846-8 helped bring an early end to the Mexican-American War. Thus Polk did not get what he wanted: the conquest of Mexico, but still took large swaths of land¬† – California and New Mexico. The treaty to end the war was signed while Mexico was occupied. […]