San Juan – Part 2

by Terry Plotkin Day 3 was another long day of 13 miles mostly drifting downstream, hot sun overhead, incredible cliffs peering down on both sides of us, and the best thing of all, perhaps the best thing of the whole journey, was the penetrating quiet that dominates this place. (I got up very early before […]

San Juan – Part 1

by Terry Plotkin San Juan River. I am going to relay the events of the journey down the San Juan River that 13 others and I took in canoes and rubber kayaks in July. This is the truth the way I remember it. I will not embellish any fact. No need to, as this was […]

San Juan River

by Terry Plotkin i am off on an adventure two weeks in the southwest eight days on a kayak down the san juan river wilderness camping never done anything like this before best to do it now before i get too old can’t say why i have the urge to go but when i am […]


by Terry Plotkin There was a ┬átime, not very long ago, when you asked someone how many genders they were they would answer two. It seems there are many more. There are people who have both genders, people who are boys in girl’s bodies and girls in boy’s bodies. There are other genders too. I […]