Least favorite words

by Terry Plotkin I am in a coffee shop in Glen Springs, Colorado. I buy a drink and a pastry. The price is $6:07. I hand the barista the exact change.  She exclaims enthusiastically, “That is Awesome.” I put my head on my arms that are resting on the counter, sigh, and say, “No its […]

The following was sent to me by a friend who is 66 years old. He just had his hip replaced due to arthritis and is recovering. He also has two bad knees and his other hip is no picnic either. The first thing that I do when I wake up in the early morning is […]

San Juan – Part 4

by Terry Plotkin While we set up camp, Tynan, Soleil, Kai, and Aidan, the 4 kids on the trip, went up the side gulch to search for some non-silty running water. They were gone a long time, and when they came back they said the canyon was bone dry. They had hiked as far as […]

San Juan – Part 3

by Terry Plotkin I dunked in the river to wash off the night, and my head collided with a soft object from behind. It was a pillow floating downstream. I smiled at the seeming omen, and was glad to have it. At least I had something as an aide for sleep. We took our time […]