Winner and still champ

by Terry Plotkin I want to congratulate the ruling class, those owners of most of the stock, the corporate heads, the ones that pull the strings of the politicians, those controllers of world finance, real estate moguls, makers of war and peace and prosperity and recession, the one- percenters, the bourgeoisie for again taking home […]

To war?

by Terry Plotkin “To war or not to war that is the question.” Today the subject is Syria and its use of chemical weapons. Do we punish them? Being the self-appointed world parent we claim that right.  Too bad we have behaved so poorly that if the Department of Social Services were so empowered they […]

Brain Numbing

Bt Terry Plotkin I am riding home in my car listening to what passes for news. After they tell me 30-second version of some horrific story of war in Syria, fire in California, and voting rights being stripped in North Carolina, they launch into a light-hearted story to supposedly put a smile on my face. […]