Libertarians and Their Take on Freedom – A guest post

By Birdman   Libertarians and Their Take on Freedom I have the good fortune of sharing a house with a very smart man who embraces libertarian ideals to the exclusion of all else. I say it is good fortune because I love the spirited dialogue – the back-and-forth banter that challanges both sides. Oh, I […]


by Terry Plotkin There is a spot on the Deerfield River that is one of the nicest swimming holes I know of in this area. The place is called Red Rock because of the very large flat rocks with small glacier made holes swirled in them that sit like tiny islands in the middle of […]

The Continuing Crisis

by Terry Plotkin   I am walking home this morning and pass a woman sitting in her car, the engine is running, and the windows shut. The fan is on trying to keep the engine cool while it idles. Inside sits a young woman. There is a cigarette in her hand, held the way smokers […]


  It is easier to destroy than to build. Much easier. Building a house takes many people, lots of resources, years of work. Wrecking it takes a match or a cigarette. Growing a forest takes a generation or more, burning it down takes a badly managed campfire.   So it is with people. Building a […]