Trying times

By Terry Plotkin The news buzz all week was the 50th¬†anniversary of the assassination of JFK. The whole event was a whitewash of history by playing into the great pretend that our democracy was not stolen from us that day by the militarists, so much so that our nation has yet to recover, and our […]

Personal Concepts

By Terry Plotkin There are certain people whose brains are locked into a way of thinking that is unique to them. Over time, I have observed them enough and the way they think, to come up with a concept of how they approach events. Since we have the opportunity to learn from each other I […]

Plastic Bags

By Terry Plotkin This is a copy of a Letter to the Editor that I sent to my local newspaper: Five hundred billion to one trillion: That is the estimated number of plastic grocery bags that are being used in the world each year. Greenfield has a chance to pass an ordinance to join cities […]

Self Interest?

by Terry Plotkin There is a rural county in Kentucky that is made up of mostly white people. It is one of the poorest places in the country. Most of the people there are on food stamps, and they don’t have health care. They got some bad news recently when they found out their food […]