Aquatic Oppression

By Terry Plotkin This New Year is the fourth anniversary of freethehuman. I never expected to go this long, but I like writing and as of yet have not run out of ideas.  In celebration I have written this piece tht you will hopefully enjoy. Feel free to write a comment and say hello. The […]


by Terry Plotkin Socrates went to the marketplace in Athens 2500 years ago, looked around, and reportedly said (in Greek of course),  “What a bunch of stuff I don’t need.” If he were suddenly transported into this time at a mall he would probably drink as much hemlock as he could, while longing to go back […]

Health Care Malaise

By  Terry Plotkin This is the letter I sent to my state senator this week:   I have been trying, without luck, to sign up for health care through the state exchange since Oct. 1. The site is both dysfunctional and not user friendly. I have since read an article in The Globe that stated […]


By Terry Plotkin You live, you die and then you come back again. This is the Buddhist and Hindu belief system for the soul as it migrates from body to body, slowly evolving towards a higher state of consciousness. The atheist scoffs at such a theory and demands proof. They believe you rot in the […]


by Terry Plotkin Commerce There is a bakery near my house that is as good as you can find anywhere. They have a variety of choices offering not too decadent, delicious tasting food. The ambiance offers great smells, friendly people, and a cozy atmosphere. The food is baked on the premises by people who know […]