Economics -Part 4

by Terry Plotkin Economics – Part 4   I was at a meeting of athletic directors last week when one of the participants stated that she taught 6 or 7 classes a day without a break. After that, she had coaching and athletic director duties to do, and then she had all her preps for […]

Economics – Part 3

by Terry Plotkin Economics – Part 3. A friend of mine’s mother once flew into hysterical laughter when her daughter stated that she owned way too much stuff. It just made no sense to her. We can produce tons of just about everything, so much so that we throw perfectly good things away just to […]

Economics again

by Terry Plotkin Last week I wrote about economics in terms of wages. Now I want to look at a different aspect.   It is said that economics is the dismal science, and in some ways I agree. However, the societal implications of what goes down in the economic realm are much more interesting. For […]

Where did all the money go?

by Terry Plotkin If the current minimum wage of $7.25 per hour had kept up with inflation from 1968, the lowest wage earner would be making $11 per hour. If this were enacted into law this 40% pay increase would be one of the greatest anti-poverty programs of all time. It would also help the […]