The View from the Top

by Terry Plotkin I don’t know many wealthy people, at least by American standards. I live on about $35,000 a year, and to many people on this planet, perhaps most, they would think me quite wealthy. But in this land, I am of average means. However, when it comes to the material plane, I have […]

The Great Struggle

by Terry Plotkin Economic Rights:     Class issues are huge in our society, yet they are swept so far under the rug that many are not aware of their existence. We not only have the wealthy versus the poor, but the professional class not seeing eye to eye with the laborers, trades-people and service […]

Great news

by Terry Plotkin Two million people. That is what the Congressional Budget Office estimates will be the number of people who will drop out of the work force now that they can get health care because of the Affordable Care Act. This is great news. Two million people liberated from jobs they don’t want to […]

Economics Part 6: The P-word

by Terry Plotkin The following article is written for the newsletter of my local coop. “The Coop is going to become like Stop and Shop!” I have heard this fearful refrain from more than one loyal owner. (I don’t like the word member. A membership is something you get when you join a health club, […]