If a credible institution offered you a 15% return on your money, people would form a line around the block to get in on it. I can picture the commercial now: Double your money in 7 years! Come on in! Hurry while supplies last!  And if you act now, you’ll lessen the chance of having […]

Epic Collision

by Terry Plotkin People living in a good chunk of the country weren’t the only ones affected by the intense cold and snow; the severe winter that won’t go away is hitting the U.S. economy hard as well. Economists tell us fewer jobs were created than would have been otherwise had it not been for […]

Worth Doing – lists part 3

by Terry Plotkin Worth Doing   I observe many things that people do – jobs they have, ways they spend their time, their habits and hobbies, how they conduct themselves – and sometimes I have this knee-jerk reaction that reminds me of what I knew when I left college: What I didn’t want to do. […]

Red Flags

by Terry Plotkin Red Flags: Lists- Part 2   I have friend who married and after a few years got divorced. When reflecting on what happened he said, “There were red flags at every turn, and I ignored all of them.” Red flags are indicators telling you to come to a full stop, and then […]

Things I have learned more or less the hard way:

by Terry Plotkin   1. When to shut-up. I suppose I am still learning this one, but I am getting better. The best time to shut-up is when I am angry. This is difficult. It will come out better if I wait until I can articulate well. When I get angry my bad behavior will […]