Otters Rap

By Terry Plotkin The rap song below is sung by and old white man and it shows. I coach a team of young white men in the sport of ultimate. The school is Four Rivers and we had a banner year so I wrote and performed the following, while simultaneously making my debut in the […]

More Venom – Part 2

by Terry Plotkin More Venom – Part 2 The right wing and their media friends have moved on from trashing Bowe Bergdahl, and the compassionate prisoner exchange that brought him home. It seems that he was tortured, caged, and beaten for trying to escape. The spinners of anger just don’t want to be in league […]


by Terry Plotkin People who should know better, who have lots of privileges, who never want for a need, for some reason keep getting meaner and uglier in their politics. Take the recent disgrace over a prisoner of war, Bowe Bergdahl, who gets exchanged for 5 Afghanis after spending 5 years in a Taliban prison. […]

Today’s big numbers

By Terry Plotkin 30. Thirty percent of the people in the world are now overweight. If you think of this as a disease, it is a severe epidemic. I don’t think of it that way though. It is a social malaise, a product of a world gone mad. Two billion people overweight! Too much food, […]