More on Births

Authors note: I am publishing more  (or, occasionally, perhaps less) often than my once a week format than I have been doing for the last almost 3 years. The posts will vary in length. Terry Plotkin

Yesterday, I posted my opinion on why I think the birth rates are down in this country, disagreeing with the so called experts. Then today I just read something in the newspaper that helped enlighten the situation further. In a study in St. Louis, free birth control given to women led to dramatically fewer abortions and REDUCED TEEN PREGNANCIES BY OVER 500%.  Teenagers don’t have fewer babies when the economy is bad, as the pundits assert. They have fewer babies when they can avoid getting pregnant, and have other interests to pursue. In this time, electronics, that includes video games, i pods, pads, texting, facebook, et al, is the hook that is helping youth keep “out of mischief.” I think it is the same reason that the crime rate is down as well.

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