by Terry Plotkin


S.P.U.N. (Society for the Prevention of Unnecessary Noise) members exchange e-mails.


If the boys have the big, noisy toys, they feel compelled to use them.


In fact, if you take the time to read the Bill of Rights, check out the

Second and a Half Amendment, the Right to Leaf Blowers.


And don’t forget about my right to make a loud motorcycle noise in the midst

of lots of people or to boom my music wherever I want.


The government has no right to tread on me and my constitutional right to

tread on others


And what about :

blaring sirens on empty roads at 5 A.M.

barking back-up beepers on trucks,

as if we didn’t know they were coming.

the highways that never rests

and a world that never gets quiet


the land of the free

knows no peace

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